The reason why I still use android phone/tablet

I’m a heavy iphone user. Everything I do is on my iphone but because of this game I still use an android tablet!


Can you spot Papa Smurf?

I have been playing this game for more than 10 years. I started this on an android tablet and you cannot simultaneously play this on an apple device. Hence, I still have my android.

You need a lot of patience in building your smurf village. As I said mine took more than 10 years to reach this level and a gazillion of patience but after all those patience and changing of android devices as I look at my village I’m so proud of myself!

As of writing you can move your village to an apple device but you need to submit a ticket for that. So I decided to stick with my old platform.

It’s like you want to completely move on but you’re stuck with a little of your past (hugot line eh). Anyone relate?

Have a sparkling day!

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