Cherry Air Purifier AP-100 Review

Cherry Air Purifier AP-100

Hi everyone!!!

This is the Cherry Air Purifier AP-100. I bought this air purifier because one of our family members have allergic rhinitis plus we live in the metro and (oh boy) the air here is dusty, sometimes it smells like barbecue, sometimes chicharon.

Here is my experience with Cherry AP-100.

Before, I used to borrow my sisters’ air purifier (different brands) and viola it worked. You can tell the difference when the air is clean. So I thought of buying one for my family.

My first Cherry Air Purifier is the AP-300 which we use in our room. This AP-300 have a separate review.

Since AP-300 delivered wonderful results. I stick to Cherry for my mom’s room. Cherry AP-100 delivered wonderful results too!

For a few hours during daytime, we open the doors and windows, and the air from outside keeps blowing in and out. I just turn it on auto mode.

My observation (doors & windows open) is when the wind / breeze gets inside the room, the air quality reading on the LCD Display goes up, meaning the air quality is poor. Then after a few seconds it begins to go down hence the air quality gets better because of the air purifier.

At night, the result is better sleep.

Imagine before having the air purifier we use to inhale poor quality air.

Take note: Air Purifier works well when doors and windows are closed. Also take note, the size of the room should correspond to the capacity of your air purifier.

Cherry AP-100 can purifier air on areas up to 50sqm.

For more detailed review and specs please watch the video below or click HERE.

Have a sparkling beautiful life!

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