Skycable Remote Control stopped working, E16-04, Service Currently Scrambled error code.

After several years our skycable remote controls stopped working. So we use the digibox to change channels. Then a new error code appeared on our tv mostly E-16, service is currently scrambled, etc. Hence, no channel have signal.

As of writing, the world is under pandemic.

Anyway, I called the skycable customer service and to my surprise the agent I was talking to just performed a remote reset/refresh of our digibox and all the signals are back. As simple as that.

Then for the remote control, they have it delivered via courier (entrego). In 2-3 days after the call I receive the remote controls with 2 AAA batteries. They are priced at P200 each. The payment will just be included in the montly bill.

Skycable Remote Controls with batteries

Its so convenient when everything can be done remotely and fast.

Have a sparkling beautiful life! 🎇🥂


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