Best Smartphone for kids: Vivo V11i

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I have a 7 year old son who keeps on asking me to have his own smartphone. I told him if you have good grades (meaning: being in the top of his class) then I’ll buy him one. To my surprise he landed on the top. So as a mom I have to keep my promise.

Me, my hubby, and my son went to the mall. With a budget on mind, we went to the Vivo store. I told kuya (the staff) that my son will be the one to use the phone for gaming and youtube. He suggested Vivo V11 and V11i and showed me the difference between the two units. What’s more important is he showed us that it has a “KIDS MODE” where parent can control the usage of their children.

I settled for Vivo V11i because its cheaper and comes with a lot freebies. What’s more important is the kids mode.

I will show further how the KIDS MODE work.

1. You can choose which app your kid can access. These are are the apps I allow my son to use.

2. You decide the number of hours or minute that your kid can use each app.

3. When they consume the allotted time in a day a giraffe appears and tells them to come back tomorrow.

There you go, I hope this blog helps you decide what smartphone you should buy for your kids.

Our children are born in a time where gadgets/smartphone are part of each one’s life. All we can do is control their usage. By the way, I write this during summer vacation. So the usage I set is quite long. During school days I only let him use cellphone during weekends for a limited time. Literally, no cellphone on weekdays.

Have a sparkling life!


Mommy Susie

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