Aolon P3 Personal Air Purifier

My aunt is using a portable ionizer. She asked me to do a smoke test if it is working. I looked for the brand in the unit itself but there is none. After a thorough search online I found it. The brand is Aolon. So I did the smoke test and surprisingly the smoke disappeared in less than a minute.

So I purchased one. Here it is!

Aolon P3 Portable Air Purifier (Front)

There is no brand name in the unit. Discreet huh. It is small & light weight. It has an adjustable necklace.

One more thing that other air purifier don’t have is the UV light which you can use to sanitize things. Although it is very very small.

Back part of the Air purifier. That small hole at the bottom is the UV light.

Let’s go to the smoke test. I filled up the bottle with the smoke, then I put the air purifier and then in less than a minute the smoke is gone! It is really working.

Smoke Test

For its price which is less than Php1000, it is a great buy!

For the actual smoke test video & unboxing you can check the video here.

You can also click the link below. 👇👇👇

There you go. Have a sparkling beautiful life! ❤️

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