Traveling from Bicol to Manila with a toddler via Penafrancia Bus Liner

I’m used to taking the plane when going to Bicol. But I have to do some cost cutting so my family decided to take the bus going to Bicol. Since we are are traveling with my son who is 2 years old then, comfort and convenience is a must. So we decided to take the Penafrancia bus.


Peñafrancia Tours & Travel Transport Inc. is a provincial luxury bus company that operates in the Philippines in the Bicol Region and to and from Metro Manila. (Source: Wikipedia)


The bus is air-conditioned with reclining seats, and leg & foot rest. It’s a La-Z boy seat actually. So the 12 hour long travel is bearable and my toddler was comfortable too! It also have a flat screen TV and a comfort room.


They have nice stop over too. One is McDonalds and an open air restaurant (I forgot the name, sorry.)

I remember long time ago I travelled to Bicol via an ordinary air conditioned bus. It took us 14 hours and the travel itself is tiring. So from that time on I decided to take the airplane. But now with Penafrancia Bus Liner offering this kind of comfort and reasonable fare, I’m definitely taking their bus again.

Don’t forget to bring your blanket of anything that will keep you warm. Their aircon is the best it’s really cool!

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