Toddler Friendly Activities in Boracay

From being a newborn, to being an infant, now your toddler is ready to explore the world!

If you decide to bring your toddler to Boracay Island, here are some activities you can do and enjoy together:

1.  Walking along the shore

The best bonding time is holding his little hand while walking along the shore.  Soon those hands wont be that small anymore. 🙂


2.  Swimming.

Take note: never leave your kids alone while in the beach or the swimming pool.  You should always be at arms length near them.  Don’t forget to apply sunblock!


3.  Island Hopping.

Riding in the boat makes my toddler sleepy, he gets to nap a few minutes before we reach the destination.  Just put on his swim or life vest for safety.


4.  Banana Boat Ride

They have a kid friendly banana boat, it consists of two rows and a middle area.  The driver of the speed boat pulling the banana boat is cautious when a kid is  riding, they wont flip the banana boat upside down.

note: it is better to talk to the person in charge of the banana boat ride before letting your toddler ride the banana boat.

My 1 year old toddler was not allowed to ride the banana boat, but my nephew was allowed, he is 3 1/2 years old then.

Photo courtesy of CesBenigno

Photo courtesy of CesBenigno

5.  Parasailing

Its so serene up there!  I don’t know the minimum age or height for parasailing, but my nephew was 3 1/2 years old then.

Take Note: Talk to the person in charge to know if your toddler is capable of parasailing because some get  nauseated up there.  You can always make a sign if you want to go down ahead of time.

Photo courtesy of CesBenigno

Photo courtesy of CesBenigno

6. Island Tour via All Terrain Vehicle

Photo courtesy of CesBenigno

Photo courtesy of CesBenigno

7.  Trek to Mt. Luho Viewpoint (the highest elevation at Boracay Island).

Be ready to carry your tot when he gets tired. 🙂

Photo courtesy of CEsBenigno

Photo courtesy of CesBenigno

8.  Play in the sand

Bring a loose powder or a water to wash off the sand on his hands and feet after playing.


9.  Chilling / Sleeping

I suggest not to expose your tot too much under the sun due to the harmful rays.  You can find a shady area where you can enjoy the beach.  Don’t forget your sunblock.


10.  Making new friends!


11. Paraw Sailing

I have a separate blog for this. Just click here.

You can also check the YouTube video of our vacation, just click this link:

There you go!  Have a lovely fun filled vacation!

Cheers to a God-given sparkling & beautiful life!

3 thoughts on “Toddler Friendly Activities in Boracay

  1. Parasailing operators in Boracay say that the minimum age requirement for a toddler to join this activity is two (2) years old. I would love to take my two-year old kiddo to parasail, but she may be too restless. I’ll wait for another six (6) months then. 🙂


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