Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and Mom to be!

Reflection: When was the last time you hold your mother’s hand and feel all the love she gave you?  Today, while greeting your mom a “happy mother’s day” hold her hands and feel all the love that she have for you.  Feel the warmth of those hands that loved you and at the same time painstakingly disciplined you to become a better person.  Those hands grow older everyday but it never forget every moment it touched you since the day you were born.

Sometimes when we feel annoyed or irritated towards her, you could always think of the time when you were a handful yet she carried you, and danced and sang for you.  At one point you became unruly, you began to ignore her, you thought you could live life alone, its the time when she silently watched you grow up but never ceased to love you.

When you became despicable, she silently cried and waited for your return.  She know you’re old enough to handle yourself but she never stopped waiting.  Thinking that one day, her hands will be your fortress just like when you were so young and mommy is all you have.

Come to think of it, a simple touch of her hand is not enough, hug her, kiss her, and go out on a date with her.  She’s waiting.

Everyday is mother’s day!


“To God be the glory. This is for You my God and for our Holy Mother Mary.”

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