Toddler: facing their fear!

Courage is smiling in front of your fear!
Toddlers fears two things:
1. Heights and
2. Loud noise.

When our tot hears  a loud noise, they come rushing towards us, with arms wide open and a scared face.  The best thing to help them overcome this is to explain where that loud noise came from and immediately divert their attention to something else.

Every time my son hears a vehicle passing by, he comes running towards me or his dad.  I tell him that it is the sound of a car passing by, and i show his toy car while mimicking the sound of the car engine.  To divert his attention we also taught him to clap his hands every time he gets scared of a loud noises. Now when he gets scared of loud noises, he claps his hands and his attention is diverted to his hands until the sound passes or he gets used to that noise.

With heights, my husband usually lifts our son and make him fly like superman, now he’s used to it and even enjoys the lift. With this exercise trust is created and fear is gone! Now, our son leaps in the air with confidence that daddy is there to catch him.

For us parents:  If a toddler can face their fear, so can we!  Have a happy parenting.


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