DPchallenge: Through the Door, a Fight against Depression

The last time I walked thru the front door, I was carrying depression with me, I unintentionally nurtured it by not facing the cause of it. I hid behind that door for months, that lead to a horrifying year. I refused to look outside, I didn’t see the beauty behind that door, I only see the darkness of the life I created which I thought was my refuge. People have been knocking on the door, a lot of them and I refused to let them in. One day, I took a stand I have to put an end to this darkness! I bravely opened the door. I took the courage of taking the first step out. It wasn’t hard as I thought. Now I’m standing on the other side of the door looking and experiencing wonderful things that almost passed by. My door is no longer a trap door!

Doors are supposed to be opened and then closed either by pushing, pulling, or sliding. They are not meant to be trapped doors. Nonetheless, there are always two sides of the door. If one side is not for you, the other side is surely yours.

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