Going to Boracay Island with a Toddler!

Good Morning Mommy!


Vacation is surely a hit during summer or any day of the year! But travelling with a toddler makes vacation more fun and exciting.

What to pack for your toddler:

1.  Sunblock (the higher the SPF the better, and water resistant.)

2.  Swimwear.

3.  Swim diaper.

4.  Swim vest for his safety.

5.  Beach toys

6.  Hat

7.  Disposable Diapers

8.  Clothes

9.  Mosquito repellant stickers or lotions

10. Towels

11. Bib, small towels, and wet wipes

12. Vitamins and medicines (for fever, lbm, stomach ache, colds, cough, etc), though there is a drug store along D’Mall.

13. His favorite toy, it makes his vacation a home away from home.

14. His bottles and milk.

15. Stroller, this is optional, though I’ve seen some on their strollers.

Be mindful also of the weight your check-in baggage.

I will be posting soon some of activities which are toddler friendly in Boracay.

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