Hugs are warm but the warmest…

When I am in my twenties I didn’t thought of getting married or having a child. I am so contented and happy with my life and what I have. Parties, night out, shopping, and payday is my definition of happiness. I thought that is happiness.

Then I get married. Again I define happiness as being with someone you love and loves you back even more. From being “contented” my life become complete. Until after a year of having no child, I felt incomplete. There is that silence, a space in your life that is empty. Our home is always clean, quiet, and yes, happy but there is that emptiness. The envy that I got when I see people carrying or tossing their child in the air, and the sound of giggle that made me smile and sad at the same time. More days passed and its just the two of us. We learned to accept that maybe… our life is just “us” hopefully for now.

Then a blessing from God came. We have a child! Our home was never clean, never quiet (except when he is asleep), and yes our home is at its happiest. That emptiness is gone! The empty space in my life is filled with laughter, tears, screaming and a lot more. So that’s what the empty space is for. .

Sure our home will always be noisy, toys will always be everywhere (sometimes I accidentally stepped on them), I always walk with my son embracing my leg, pulling my hair, biting me…but those are nothing compared to the hugs, kisses, smiles, and milestones that he achieve along the way.

Now, I defined happiness as family, that is me, my husband, and my son

Hugs are warm but our child’s hug is the warmest.

This blog is dedicated to God who always give me the warmth of his love. Thank You!


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