Jonah’s Fruitshake & Snack Bar Boracay

If you’re looking for an affordable place to eat without sacrificing the taste and quality of the food, Jonah’s is what you’re looking for.

Jonah’s is famous for their fruitshakes! There’s no question about that we tried the mango shake and other fruitshakes & it was so good! So I won’t be writing about it because there are lots of blog about it. So what I will write about is their meals!

First it’s freaking delicious!
Second it’s affordable & reasonably priced, priced at 300 – 500.
Third, the serving is good for 3-4 persons!


There were 4 of us plus 1 toddler and we ordered 2 viand. Turns out that 1 viand is good enough for the 4 of us. Anyway, we will definitely dine here again when we go back to Boracay!


This is their main branch, it is located in station 1, beside Nigi Nigi Too resort and near Willy’s Rock (Grotto of Mama Mary).


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