Zenyu Eco Spa Body Massage Package

To relieve stress and to experience a lavish body massage, my sister and I decided to have a body massage at Zenyu Eco Spa.

The Zenyu Eco Spa is derived from a Japanese word which means complete healing.

Their 1 hour body massage is invigorating, relaxing, and therapeutic! Here is the photo of their massage room. The room is cozy with nature sound. I apologize for the low resolution of the photo. I used my ipad (no flash).

We were well pampered!

Zenyu Eco Spa is famous for their Hot Bed because of its negative ion. Based on my research negative ions are generated by moving water like the beach, waterfalls, fountain, or even your shower. Moreover, “Negative ion creates positive vibes. They are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.” (Source: webmd.com)

This negative ion hotbed is part of the Ecoparadise Deoxidation Center that started in Japan and has branched out to Malaysia and Singapore.
Ecoparadise Japan recognized the power of nature with its studies on negative ions. A clean and fresh environment is free of bacteria and viruses, and has a balance of electrical charges in the soil and the environment. (Source: hotelh2o.com)
You change into their hotbed attire. Then you lie down on the colored tiles. It’s actually like a sauna, but the difference is the presence of the negative ion. I dozed off for a few minutes. You can choose to have the lights on or off. So we went for lights off.

Don’t miss this! It’s an exciting experience. You’ll have that wide grin while the fish are eating your dead skin.

In this photo there’s a fish on top of my left foot, but under it there are lots of them! After the fish spa, my feet is smooth! Bye bye dead skin!
Our overall experience was great. The staff are friendly and accommodating. We will definitely go back here!

Zenyu Eco Spa is located at the 3rd floor of Hotel H2O.
Cheers to God given good life!

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