My little secret that I want to share.

Want to have more energy so can play more with your kids without getting too tired easily?

I will share you my secret. When Gab was born via C-Section it drain the energy out of me. Literally for a whole year I was dragging myself up so I can take care of my son. When I say “son” all the moms and dads out there who have a son know how energetic they are! You need to exceed their energy! I breakout a lot of times because I’m too tired to cope up with his growing energy and I lack sleep. Honestly I’m exhilarated if I get a straight 2 hours sleep. You know while Gab is asleep I do some chores (clean up the mess) and when I got time to rest he just suddenly wake up and cry! I can’t blame him he’s infant, now a toddler! So I keep blaming my body for getting too tired too soon! I’m most of the time sad…and tired.

I resorted to eating a lot so that I can have the energy my body demands. What I was doing was wrong! I got fat and still not energetic because I was over-eating and undernourished. Then I found this supplement by Dr. Wentz, so I tried it maybe it’s what I need. After all I’ve been praying for the right vitamins that my body needs. It’s an answered prayer! I don’t know how to scientifically explain it but in layman’s term I got the energy that I wanted and needed. What is it? (A round of applause please!) it’s the USANA ESSENTIALS. It consist of Chelated Mineral and Mega Antioxidant. I’m not here to explain it scientifically but I’m just sharing how wonderful my body felt after taking it continuously until now. For more information about the USANA Essentials you can visit their website via this link

Since I have the energy, I was able to play longer with my son (running, hide and seek, role playing, etc.), exercising him everyday, and making sure he will not get sick or get into a major accident though some bruises are inevitable. Now I’m happy and full of energy!!!

Me and my energetic Toddler Gab!

Me and my energetic Toddler Gab!

Cheers to a sparkling God given life!

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