Gummy Mini 5200 Powerbank Review

I recently bought a Gummy Mini  5200 mAh Powerbank by thecoopidea.  It is a fast charger with 2.4A output! That’s really fast! It cuts my charging time into half! Here’s how it looks like.

You can flip open the front cover to see the unit inside!
Here’s what is inside the box.
Package Includes:
1x Gummy 5200
1x User Handbook
1x Micro USB flat cable (Yellow)
1x MFI Lightning cable for IOS (free)

Input: 5v / 1.5A
Input Charging Time: 5-6 hrs
Output: 2.4A
Capacity: 5200 mAh

Plus it also have a LED torch! See it’s not just a Powerbank!


Closer look at the unit.


One more thing I like is its compact and light weight at 120g.

There’s a LED indicator so you’ll know how much power you still have.

There you go! Another great value for money. I bought this at Power Mac.

5 thoughts on “Gummy Mini 5200 Powerbank Review

  1. I bought the same power bank at Power Mac. But it seems like I can charge my iPhone 6 once and the batt indicator moves to 25%. I think there’s something wrong with it. It’s only been 3 days since my purchase. I’m planning on returning the thing!


  2. HiHi. I bought the 5200mAh gummy mini powerbank at Switch. I was told to drain it of it’s initial charge before fully charging it. How do I drain it? Can i use it to charge my phone or should i just let it drain on it’s own? That would take a while, if i leave it as is. Thanks!


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