My Little Chef’s First Home Made Ice Cream.

We were inspired by my sister-in-law to make our own home made ice cream. So here it is, our version of Coffee Crumble.

2 250ml nestle all purpose cream
1 200ml condensed milk
2 sachet 3-in-1 coffee
Dark chocolate

1. Refrigerate the all purpose cream & condensed milk for 1 to 2 hours;
2. Mix the 2 sachets of 3-in-1 coffee in a mug with hot water.
3. Pour the all purpose cream in the bowl and whip cream until it has doubled;
4. Add the condensed milk then whip it;
5. Add the 3-in-1 coffee mix then whip it;
5. Add the dark chocolate and peanuts in the bowl and mix it with a spatula;
6. You can put it in small cups for faster freezing or in a 1 gallon container so you can mix it after 30minutes of refrigerating to avoid the chocolate and peanuts from settling down.


There’s my little chef carefully making the ice cream!

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