Sam’s 7th Birthday at Aqua Breeze Resort, Dumantay Batangas

Yay! Sam just turned 7! His mommy is the best party organizer! I can’t believe how she pulled it together!

For the venue she chose Aqua Breeze Resort in Dumantay Batangas. It has 3 swimming pools.

The adult swimming pool which is 4 – 6ft deep.

2 kiddie pool

2-3ft deep rectangular swimming pool. It’s facing the stage a.k.a concert ground!

2ft deep circular swimming pool

Slide for the adult pool

Row of cottages

The important thing that I like in Aqua Breeze is their prudence in the safety of their guests. They have the gates closed all the time. You have to ring the bell to come in.

Here’s the Rules & Regulation of the Resort.

This is the buffet cottage. Cakes, food, beverage, and utensils were brought by Mommy Thess & Mommy Ces! …and there’s an endless flow of food!!!!

Activities & Games were all organized by Mommy Thess! (You’re so good at this!)

screen grab from mommy ces’ facebook

Happy Happy Birthday Sam!
We had a great time! šŸ™‚

God Bless You!

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