Cindy, a dog’s tale.



13 years ago, God sent you to me so that I will be friends with my future husband. I was clueless back then that while the 3 of us are playing one day we will become a real family. All I want that time was to have a puppy.

The day you came here you cried a lot that night, you cried for 2 days straight, you have your eye bags bigger and you turned our house upside down. You made us happy. You showed us the meaning of unconditional love. You stick with us through thick and thin.

When I was crying for days you stayed with me and slept with me on my bed. I think you just ate once a day during those days. You were always there beside me. I can still feel your back pressing against my back. You were small, warm, and full of love.

I would like to congratulate you for completing 5 doggie run of petexpress and got your well deserved medals. We didn’t win the race, actually we are almost at the last place but it was a good run and a good stroller run this year. I saw the happy look on your face while staring at the other dogs as we pass them by. Probably you were thinking “I’m running sweat free, I’m not getting tired at all!” I will really miss you Cindy.

For sure Kira (cat) will wait for you for days. You always open the door of her room so she can run around the house and we all go frenzy running after her.

Jackie & Celeste will miss giving you a bath, buying you your stuff, hugging you, and a lot more.

Gab asked me where you are so I said you went to heaven. All dogs go to heaven right?

To others a dog is a dog but to us you are a friend, a family, a loved one.

You’re a dog who lived with a purpose. Mission accomplished my friend.

You will always be remembered Cindy.

Btw, thank you for staying one more day so you could celebrate my birthday.

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