Robinsons Reward Card

Robinsons Rewards Card

Robinsons Rewards Card

I bought my Robinsons Rewards Card in Robinsons Supermarket. It’s priced at 150 pesos valid for 2years from the date of purchase.

Here’s how it works:
1. It’s a points earning card.
It means for every purchase there is a corresponding points and it will be stored in your card until you use your earned points.

2. It’s for loyal customers.
it means that you buy most of the things you need in any Robinsons participating store.

Remember, the card expires in 2 years from date of purchase. So, you must be able to earn 150 points or more to get back the 150 pesos you paid upon purchase within two years. Take note that 1 point is equivalent to 1 peso. Since you are a loyal customer it won’t take long for you to earn 150 points or more!

All purchases made at participating Robinsons store can earn points except for the following:
A. Items with wholesale or transaction with corporate discounts.
B. Purchases made using Robinsons Rewards Points.
C. Purchase of Robinsons Gift Certificate.
D. Business center payment transaction.
E. Purchase of Robinsons Reward Membership application kit.
F. Non-merchandise transaction (i.e. gift wrapping, customer deposit, foreign exchange, loyalty card fees.)

Checking your points is easy.
You can download the Robinsons Reward App from Google play and Apple App Store or email Robinsons Reward customer service at

You can earn & redeem points at these stores.
Robinsons Supermarket
– every P400 = 1 point

Robinsons Appliances
– every P400 = 1 point

Robinsons Department Store
– every P200 = 1 point

Toys R Us
– every P200 = 1 point

– every P200 = 1 point

Daiso Japan
– every P200 = 1 point

Howard’s storage world
– every P200 = 1 point

True Value
– every P100 = 1 point

Here are the Robinsons Specialty Store
Where every P200 = 1 point

Dorothy Perkins
Miss Selfridge
Ben Sherman
River Island
Basic House

Selected branches of

1 point is equivalent to P1.00. You can use these points to pay for any participating Robinsons store except for purchase of Gift Certificate & other items or services excluded from point redemption. Just inform the cashier of your intent to use your points & present you Robinsons Reward Card & a valid ID.

You can renew your card on or before the expiration date. Renewal fee is only P100

IMPORTANT: Points earned during the membership period should be redeemed or used during those period, otherwise it is forfeited. No points may be carried over to subsequent renewal.

So it’s better to keep track of your expiration date or use your points frequently to avoid forfeiture of points.

That’s essentially what you need to know. Happy Shopping!

Cheers to a God-given sparkling life.

Susan Romey


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