Zooming in the tip of Mayon Volcano!

Are you looking for a sony handycam or video recorder with great zooming capabilities?

This March of 2017 we went to Legazpi Albay to celebrate my birthday.  We stayed at the Oriental Hotel Legazpi which have a great view of the Mayon Volcano.  Mayon Volcano is known for its perfect cone.

I always wonder how the tip of Mayon Volcano look. Now that I have my sony handycam (HRD CX-405) I’m able to view the tip of Mayon up close, actually really close.  Check the video below or click here.

If you are wondering what handycam I’m using, its SONY HDR CX-405. It cost less than the other brand. It’s a basic handycam with great features.


Ps. In everything you do put God first.

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