How to clean your athletic/rubber shoes. 

I would like to share how I keep our athletic shoes clean. 

I use the “Atheletic Shoe Cleaner.”

Athletic Shoe Cleaner

This is my favorite Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker. It’s already old but still good and it always gets dirty. 

This is how my Chuck looks like before.

For comparison I clean one pair using the Athletic Shoe Cleaner. Here is the result. 

It’s clean though it didn’t go back to its original white state. 

This is my son’s sketcher shoes. 

Here it is after cleaning both Shoe. 

No need to wash the shoes. All you need is to scrub it using the brush attached to the bottle. It gets foamy while scrubbing it. When you’re done, wipe it with a cloth. 

Happy Cleaning!

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