Disneyland Hong Kong Package via Shadow Travel and Tours, Review

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Last summer we went to Hong Kong and many are asking how much and if we have a travel agent. I hope this blog will be helpful.

We booked our Disneyland Hong Kong Package via Shadow Travel and Tours. I found their link on Facebook, I read the reviews and take the risk of booking with them.  I was NOT disappointed!  Their agents are very accomodating.

First, I book online via their website. Then one of their staff called me and finalized our tour package (airline, hotel, transfers, theme park tickets, etc). The staffs are very accommodating, they will answer all your concerns, call you, and email you all the time until the week before your flight.  Cool huh.

Their website show different available dates when you can avail of the package. I suggest that you choose at least 2 sets of travel dates because their packages sell like hot cakes.  I also checked other travel websites and Shadow Travel have the lowest price for Hong Kong Disneyland.

We get the 3 days 2 nights package. Inclusions:

1. 3days 2 nights stay at Disney Explorer’s Lodge

2. Buy 1 take 1 Disneyland Theme Park Tickets

3. Airfare via Cebu Pacific

4. Roundtrip transfer.

Upon arriving in Hong Kong International Airport, we proceeded to H&S Travel Booth, they are the one in charge of our transfer from the airport to the hotel and vise versa. They gave us sticker to stick on our clothes, including stickers for pick up back to the airport. It took us around 30 minutes to get to the hotel.

When we arrived in Disney Explorer’s Lodge we checked in at the front desk where they  gave us our keycards, tickets to the attraction, map of the hotel, etc.  Check in time is 3pm, since we arrived early (that’s around 12nn), we leave our luggages at their luggage area at no extra cost.

Disney Explorer’s Lodge is the newest of the 3 Disney Hotels in Hong Kong  for me it is best of the 3 hotels.  I love the explorer/adventure setup of the hotel makes it unique!

Disney Explorer's Lodge

The Buy 1 take 1 ticket can be used for 2 days.We decided to use our first theme park ticket on day 1.  Disney have a shuttle that will take you directly to the theme park for free.  We stayed until 7pm and went back to the hotel.  More on the theme park on my next blog.

We were given fast pass at the hotel lobby as we checked in. So we don’t have to fall in line for some of the attractions (oh boy the lines are really long if you have a child they’ll be throwing tantrums). We pass by the EXIT feeling like a celebrity. It’s one of the perks of staying in their hotel!


The second day we have a city tour by ourselves.  We went to The Peak, have a walk and got lost.  I got stucked in the MTR because my card was not accepted, luckily someone helped me.  What a second, day at least for me!

We also added buffet breakfast at Dragon Wind Restaurant for each one of us and used it on the second day. Valued at 2000/head. If you avail this at the hotel it will cost you more. So just include it in your package for a worry free breakfast. It also includes photo op with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their Explorer Costume.  Note: the restaurant staff will be the one to take your photo, only one celphone is allowed per group.  So give your best smile. Mickey and Minnie have their break time too.  Be mindful of their time.


On the third day we used our second theme park ticket to spend time waiting for our bus to pick us up.  We went back to the hotel and waited in the lobby for our shuttle.  You should put on your sticker, so the staff will be able to call you when your bus arrives.

The best time to stay in Hong Kong is from January to March because the weather is cold.  We went there last March, we have a good cold weather, and a wonderful vacation.

I hope this blog help you all.

Thank you Shadow Travel and Tours!


Live and Love!

-Mommy Susie

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