O Shopping Vo.Temm Flexi Mop Review

I bought this Vo.Temm flexi mop from O Shopping to make my daily cleaning routine easy.  Swayed by the marketing and tv demo I purchased one.

When they delivered it the pole was missing so I called them and they delivered it the following day.

The mop is not disappointing. Actually it caters to my needs. After sweeping the floor, I wipe it using the flexi mop. I wet it a little and wipe the floor.

Vo.Temm flexi mop from O Shopping.

Vo.Temm Flexi Mop

The mop pad has two sides, the rough side and the soft side.

The rough side has hooks that looks like thin nylon strings. This removes stains on the floors.  Its like husking the floor using this side.  This is the side I always use on our floor. When you have a kid you always have a sticky floor from milk spills, juice spills, or other food that falls on the floor.  This mop makes cleaning easy.

Rough side of the Vo.Temm mop pad from O Shopping

Vo.Temm mop pad, rough side

The soft side or the microfiber side can be used for dusting.  This is also the side that attach to the mop.  I don’t use this side much.

The pole is standard size I use it with my squeegee.  I don’t have to buy another mop pole.

The thing I love the most is cleaning the mop pads.  I just rub it under running water and the dirt comes off.

Have a happy cleaning!

-Mommy Susie


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