Hanabishi Electric Airpot Review

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Will you buy an electric airpot or an electric kettle? Which one is best for you?

I have this Hanabishi Electric Airpot in my cabinet for so long because I have an electric kettle. Since it break down, I used it.

Hanabishi Electric Airpot 3 Liters White

Hanabishi Electric Airpot

The good thing about this airpot is it comes with a plug (electric, eh). Unlike the one I grow up with we boil the water in the kettle and transfer it to the airport.

For first use, I fill it up to almost 3 liters, plug, it and wait for it to boil. It took around 15 minutes to boil 3 liters.

It also has the “keep warm” mode for those coffee, tea, or milk lover. You’ll always have hot water ready.

Hanabishi Electric Airpot, 3 liters, white

Hanabishi Electric Airpot

Your choice depends on your needs. If you need hot water all day go for electric airpot if not you can go for electric kettle.


Have a happy life!

-Mommy Susie


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