Hanabishi Electric Airpot Review

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Will you buy an electric airpot or an electric kettle? Which one is best for you?

I have this Hanabishi Electric Airpot in my cabinet for so long because I have an electric kettle. Since it break down, I used it.

Hanabishi Electric Airpot 3 Liters White

Hanabishi Electric Airpot

The good thing about this airpot is it comes with a plug (electric, eh). Unlike the one I grow up with we boil the water in the kettle and transfer it to the airport.

For first use, I fill it up to almost 3 liters, plug, it and wait for it to boil. It took around 15 minutes to boil 3 liters.

It also has the “keep warm” mode for those coffee, tea, or milk lover. You’ll always have hot water ready.

Hanabishi Electric Airpot, 3 liters, white

Hanabishi Electric Airpot

Your choice depends on your needs. If you need hot water all day go for electric airpot if not you can go for electric kettle.


Have a happy life!

-Mommy Susie


One thought on “Hanabishi Electric Airpot Review

  1. Hi..I just want to ask, Is it okay if we unplug the pot whenever we go to work? Or is it okay to leave the pot pluged 24/7. Thankyou🙂


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