Reflection: Am I pleasing God?

Matthew 6:28-29
“28And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.

Mateo 6:29
Ngunit sinasabi ko sa inyo, kahit si Solomon na napakayaman ay hindi nakapagdamit ng singganda ng isa sa mga bulaklak na ito.

Today, actually everyday of my life I always remind myself of this bible verse. Given this kind of generation that we live today, we are too pre-occupied with earthly things. Things that makes us happy but never contented or what we call guilty pleasures. We always think of luxurious things (not expensive but luxurious) like bags, shoes, jewelries, mobile phones, etc. Some get indebted because of these earthly things.

Many times we have overlooked our reason for living. We live for the ultimate purpose of going to heaven after our death. Have we asked ourselves am I pleasing God with what I’m doing? Do I make God proud?

When we think of buying ourselves some luxury items, have we ever thought if that same item is pleasing to God. Does he admire this luxurious items the way we do? So when I’ve read this bible verse I have realized that what is beautiful or enticing to us is different from what is beautiful in the eyes of God.

If we read carefully the verse on Matthew 6:29 Jesus speaks of the “splendor of Solomon” and Jesus goes further by saying that Solomon was never dressed like one of the flowers.

If you have read the story of Solomon you’ll know how rich he is. Yet despite of him being rich, wearing and having those luxurious things he have during those days, God sees the flower as far more beautiful than what he wears.

Let’s go back to our real world, let’s not stress ourselves over material things. These are not beautiful in the eyes of God. So before picking up that wonderful guilty pleasure you think of buying, think again. Is this beautiful in the eyes of God?

Have a God-given sparkling beautiful life.
It’s not only diamonds that sparkles, even the sand does.

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