ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh Powerbank Unboxing and Review

The Asus Zen Power Bank 10050mAh is a quick charging compact and powerful power bank. It has a 2.4A output and an input up to 2A for fast charging.

With the size of credit card (90.5mm x 59mm), a 1-pc aluminum body, and a weight of 215g it gives a premium finish which you can flaunt. 😀

The package includes:
Asus Zen Power Bank
Micro USB cable
Warranty Card
User ManualProcessed with Moldiv

The unit is available in gold, silver, black, pink, and blue. Mine is silver.

It has a one USB (output) port, 1 micro-USB (input) port, led indicators, and power on button Processed with Moldiv

The unit uses a rechargeable lithium-ion cell. The charging time of the power bank is approximately 6 hours for a 2A standard cable or approximately 9 hours for 1A standard cable.

Note from Asus: Fully charge the power bank before using it for the first time.
My first charging was about 4 hours with a 2A standard charger since the unit was pre-charged at 50% (2 led light).

Watch the unboxing video HERE.

I got my unit at Electroworld for P995. 😝

Have a God-given sparkling life.

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