Corregidor Day Tour and Overnight Stay

Me and Gab, my sisters, and friends spent our post Christmas celebration at Corregidor. Our stay consist of a day tour and an overnight stay at the Corregidor Inn.

At around 7am we checked in at the Seaside Terminal near One Esplanade.


Seaside Terminal Esplanade

There is a 7-11 convenience store beside the terminal so you can grab your breakfast or something to eat anytime.

By 8am we were boarding the Sun Cruises Ferry.   Since we are staying overnight our luggage were deposited at the guard posted near the ferry. Only the things that you need for the tour should be brought.

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By 9:15am we arrived at Corregidor.  The tour immediately starts as we boarded the tram.

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These tram buses carried the soldiers during the war.

But even before the tram took off we had a groupie!!! Any adventure wont start without a selfie or a groupie, right?

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inside the tram

I dont want to be a spoiler of what Corregidor awaits you, its really nice to hear information and stories from the tour guide.  So, I’ll just be sharing some pictures of the tour.

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But what really captivated me during the tour were the bullet marks and bomb crater left by the war.  Looking at the bullet marks and how deep it was in the cannons and in the steel doors I could only imagine how devastating war is.  I hope the Philippines will never experience war again.

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Did you know that Corregidor Island is shaped like a tadpole?  As part of the tour, you’ll be brought to an overlooking area where you can see the tail of Corregidor.

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The Light and Sound Show inside the Malinta Tunnel is not part of the package.  So if you want to experience it, you can pay the additional fee of P200 to your tour guide.  Note that picture taking is allowed but without flash but taking video is absolutely prohibited.

That ends our day tour.

At 1Pm we were brought at the Corregidor Inn for our buffet lunch at the La Playa.


Corregidor Inn

We checked in at front desk by 2pm and our luggages are already at the hallway beside our door.

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2nd floor hallway

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our room with extra mattress

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lobby lounge

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souvenir shop

Since we were so tired from the tour we took a rest in our respective rooms and agreed to meet around 4pm to swim and walk around the beach.  But everyone else was so tired that its only me, my son, and my sisters who made it to the swimming pool and to the beach.

This is their swimming pool.  It looks like no one swim there and the water is stagnant so we did not dare swim.

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Swimming pool of Corregidor Inn

We headed to the beach instead.  The beach is so lovely.  We were not able to watch the sunset because the sun is hiding but look at the sea, it’s three toned – blue, orange, and green.

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South Beach

Surprisingly aside from us, there were only three more people at the other end of the beach.  The beach is ours!

One more thing I love about the beach are the colored stones along the shore!  There are pink, yellow, red, and green! I really want to bring home one but I didn’t.  I just leave it there for others to see.  A photo is enough for me.

So we’ve met for dinner at the La Playa Restaurant.  Dinner is not included in the package, so you have to order ala carte.  The Menu ranges from P200-P300++.

The following day, they did the zipline and ATV,  except for me because Gab is not yet allowed in the zipline and ATV.  So I took care the kids and took their videos and photos doing the zipline and ATV.

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While some are still at their ATV adventure, we went to a sari-sari store and souvenir shop near the beach.  The shirts and other souvenirs cost less than the ones inside the hotel.

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Sari-sari store and Souvenir shop

The ATV and end of the zipline is near the beach so we get to visit the beach again, this time in the morning around 9am-10am.



After lunch, we boarded the tram which brought us to the ferry station. That ends our 2 day trip in Corregidor.

Some tips I wanted to share:  Visit Corregidor when its not summer.  Most of our morning tour the weather was cold but when it was almost noon, it got really hot. Though the tram have spare umbrellas that you can use during the tour. It was in December when we have our tour.  Just imagine if you do it on summer.  It’s okay to wear slippers, just choose the sturdy ones.  I wore a Sandugo slippers.

So are the ghost stories real? NO! not for us at least. No sighthings, no appearance in photos, and no strange eerie feeling.

Corregidor is a wonderful place to visit and have a quiet time with nature.

Check out our Adventure and Stay in Corregidor here.

Special thanks to Shella who made and organized this trip and to all SC2K friends who made the vacation fun and memorable.

Cheers to a God-given sparkling beautiful life.

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