TT Max 16 Hours Color Stay Liquid Lipstick Review

Tags: TT Max 16 Hours Color Stay, Liquid Lipstick, Everyday Look, Everyday Lipstick, Pinkish Lip

As a housewife I also need to look good even at home all the time.  I am not one of the ladies gifted with a luscious pink lips so I need to apply lipstick all the time.  Since mostly I stay at home I have to choose a lipstick color that would just give me the glowing look.

TT Max Liquid Lipstick always appear on my facebook timeline promising a 16 hour color stay, I purchased one in Nude Pink.


This is how the lipstick looks on me.  After applying the lipstick, it is true that it doesn’t leave a lipstick mark.



However, the lipstick only stayed for 4 hours and it began to fade.  Plus if you eat a full meal it also wears off a lot.  In my case it only last for 4 hours after a week of wearing it.

I love the color of it, so I use it as my everyday lipstick and I just retouch it when needed.


Have a sparkling life!

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