Crayola Twistable Pencil vs Mongol Pencil (No.2)

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We grow up using mongol no.2 pencil because it is what our teacher required us.  It’s for good reason actually.  Mongol No.2 Pencil is hard enough compared to no.1.  Mongol no.1 smudges because the graphite is soft so it is best for sketching.


I’m fine with Mongol and the sharpener but I saw a Crayola twistable pencil while I was buying school supplies for my son.  So I bought a set of no.2 twistable pencil.

Even Mongol and Crayola Twistable are both no.2 there is a slight difference.  Take a look the sample photos.

1. In the photo below I hold the pen with my normal grip.  You can notice mongol has a darker color.


2.  In the second photo I put pressure on both pencils.  The crayola twistable got a darker but still slightly lighter in color than the mongol pencil.


Take a look at the tip of the pencils.  Crayola twistable pencil brings a twist to the traditional pencil.  No sharpening required and the graphite is really hard.  My son who is 5 years old uses this a lot and it haven’t break.


Though if you want a pointed tip, like that of a newly sharpened pencil, Crayola won’t deliver that.  You’ll have a rounded tip.  Hence, this pencil is great for children and to also keep them safe from the blade of the sharpener.

Crayola No. 2 Twistable Pencil

Crayola No. 2 Twistable Pencil.

If you want a really pointed tip you should go for the traditional pencil.


Have a sparkling beautiful life

-Mommy Susie

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