Aurora Lobby Cafe @ Herald Suites Polaris

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Are you looking for a new place to dine in Makati? A place where you can have both International and Local Cuisine? I introduce to you the Aurora Lobby Cafe.

Actually, this is our second time to dine in here at Aurora.  The reason we came back is because we can’t get enough of their food.  We promised ourselves to come back and try the other food on the menu! We just love it!!!

Here are some of the food we ordered.  I was not able to take photo of the others because before I even click my camera, they were already munching it!

I know all other restaurants serve the same but what makes it special is… I can feel the chef’s heart in it.  I’m not a food critic but I know good food!

The restaurant gives a very cozy and classy ambiance.  I love the sereneness it brings.  When you’re in the heart of Makati you can only think of parties, bars, loud noise, and crowded restaurants.  It’s really surprising to find serenity in the heart of Makati.

The staff are really polite and friendly especially to my son.  You know as a mom I highly appreciate staffs who are child friendly and know how to talk to our kids.  I know moms and dads agree with me on this.

As my son says everytime we dine in at Aurora “Let’s go back here mommy.”  We haven’t even left but he’s already looking forward to going back.

Kudos to the chef and staff of Aurora and Herald Suites Polaris!

Aurora Lobby Cafe is located at Ground Floor Herald Suites Polaris, #45 Polaris St. Bel-air Makati Philippines.

Have a Sparkling Life!



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